Where Personal Sovereignty is first and foremost.

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Welcome to Byron Community.

This site is under development.

We want to have the freedom to be online without being tracked, stalked, abused and sold by corporate bully boys. So it's time for our own social media system. 

We will promote local people, artists, bands, ideas and businesses (ie not owned by city folk).

We will be running advertising for locals on this website to help pay the running costs but we wont bombard you with it. We will set up a separate advertising page so you can go and check it if out you want to.

We will be reviewing local businesses and products and talking about the things that matter to locals. You will be able to buy and sell from locals on this site also.

Other than that, we won't get in your face. We just ask in return that you are respectful to others within the community and help keep the Byron spirit alive.

If you would like to advertise or get involved with this project, please email us at love@byron.community